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What do we do?


Together, we will get into all the gorgeous little details that create a one of a kind, truly personalized event that is nothing short of unforgettable. We will help you with all the tasks so you don't have to worry about anything but enjoying the ride:


  • Project creation and scheduling

  • Venue searching

  • General styling design

  • Vendors recommendation and negotiation 

  • Permits and insurance's management

  • Wedding stationery design

  • Floor plans, logistics and venue setting

  • Floral design and decoration

  • Sound and lighting project design and production

  • Hiring and managing artists / shows

  • Budget control

  • Timing and wedding schedule

  • Event day coordination and assistance

  • And everything that may arise ...


Our best references are our happy clients words.


We offer a unique service of





Leave all tasks in our team hands and just take care of enjoying the process and the most special day of your lives!




Destination weddings

Because getting married abroad is an incredible but also complicated experience, we will be your eyes and hands on the ground.


In addition to planning and designing your big day, we will help you organizing different welcoming events so that your guests can fully enjoy the whole experience.

boda Mireia Ferran DiezBordons 3857.jpg


We have an awesome team willing to listen to your brand needs and provide you with a full organization, production and coordination service for your event.


Share with us the type of event you are looking for and what you would love to communicate. We will help you conceptualizing, searching the right venue, creating and designing materials, managing artists and everything related to the coordination of the day.



How can we help you?


  • Analysis of your brand and products

  • Showing out your strengths and weaknesses

  • Online communication strategy

  • Design of the brand image and sales materials

  • Creation of digital content for marketing campaigns and social networks

  • Art direction and styling design.

We live in a world where images speak louder than words and where sharing a clear and catchy message to the right audience is the most clever move.


Thanks to our years of experience working between vendors and clients, we truly know the needs of your audience and, at the same time, everything you can offer them as a brand.


Our team will help you identify and highlight your advantages to gain a better connection with your target and show your product or service in the most attractive, clear and effective way.


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